The Fondation Tanagra proposes in the ART section articles on various contemporary artists of which we have been following the work with interest. Some for many years, some others more recently. 

Since its founders, BillyBoy* and Lala J.P Lestrade have moved to Delémont, the Fondation Tanagra has organized, in cooperation with the Centre Culturel Région Delémont (CCRD) two exhibitions.

The first ones happened this year with two simultaneously organized exhibitions, "Maison Mdvanii" by BillyBoy* & Lala at the Espace Artsenal and the works or Italian artist Aldo Lanzini at Galerie Paul Bovée, of which you will find full articles in this section. The up-coming one is about Christopher Stribley.

Others articles include the works of Japanese artist Akagi Shigure, French painter Jean-Marc Dallanegra

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